Serving quality food

to the Boise, Eagle

and Garden City,

Idaho, areas.

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Ain't nothing like it anywhere

Pizza Hero

We are a family-owned business that believes in serving the freshest and highest quality food possible while still delivering value for your money.


Brad Breakell immigrated to the United States in the 1990s from Canada and has lived in a variety of places during that time, most recently coming from Santa Barbara, California. Brad is a trained chef by trade and has over 30 years in the restaurant hospitality industry.


Brad has four wonderful children and they can be found working at the restaurant, from spinning pizzas to making salads or socializing with customers. When the band plays on the weekend, the girls sing a couple of their favorite hits with the band.


After being out of the industry for a number of years Brad was growing restless and began watching peoples' eating habits, noticing their frustration with the dining experiences they were having. Consumers in today’s fast paced society are growing tired of the same old fast food and want a better quality meal at the same convenience. Brad feels that Pizzalchik answers this call, true high quality gourmet food without the reservation, table cloth or waiter.


When you step into Pizzalchik, you step right into our kitchen watching everything about your meal

as it happens. Pizzalchik was conceived Memorial Day 2004.


The feature of our restaurant is our 6,000-pound stone hearth oven. Everything you eat here is

cooked in this oven, even our desserts. This oven is considered to be the finest oven of its kind in

the world today.

About Pizzalchik (pronounced 'Pizzal-chik')

Italian Pizza

We make everything here fresh, with top quality ingredients, from our salad dressing to our desserts. We prepare true Italian/New York style thin crust pizzas using the finest blend of Italian cheeses available. All of our pizza crusts are spun by hand and can vary in size from 10 – 12”. We make our own Italian sausage, pickle our own artichokes, cut fresh pineapple and use Kalamata olives; nothing is left to chance at Pizzalchik. We roast whole chickens using our special blend of fresh herbs, roasted garlic and mushrooms.


Pizzalchik salads are a special blend of spring greens accompanied by an array of seasonal fruits and vegetables created by our chefs to make your salad a one of a kind encounter.


There’s something special that happens to a chicken when cooked in our oven, it’s hard to describe and needs to be experienced.


All in all, we think Pizzalchik is a truly unique, one-of-a-kind dining experience whether dining in, taking it to go, or delivery. Find out more about us and what is going on at